What we do

TLA is pleased to assist you with your specific questions on tax, social security and labor law issues related to national and international employment. We use creative and innovative techniques to obtain an optimized remuneration and awards system for your personnel. The financial impact of new recruitments and of your remuneration policy are indeed key factors in the future development of your business.

Organizations seek to design and operate compensation and benefit programs in a cost-effective, tax efficient and compliant manner – for the employer as well as employees. TLA helps to align compensation and benefits programs with a company’s overall talent and corporate strategies, and the marketplace needs. 

We help address a complex array of tax matters at various stages of a company’s lifecycle, including mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, right-sizing, and general restructuring. Beyond compliance, our integrated team of specialists can help explore opportunities to transform global employment programs, such as, discerning the total rewards that critical employees want and need; identifying incentives for employees to successfully carry out company business and talent plans; and exploring ideas that provide a cost-efficient return on investment (ROI). Our compensation and benefits group include specialists in executive compensation and pensions.

TLA consists of a team of tax specialists who can assist and guide you in all relevant domains (personal income tax, VAT, remuneration, HR services). This applies to both companies and their staff and to individuals.

The main objective of the tax services is to provide tailored advice on the client’s tax situation and guidance in the fulfilment of his/her tax obligations. We help you to minimize your taxes in an efficient and well-considered manner.

For us, providing advice is a total package, including implementation and subsequent follow-up.